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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

For over 15 years, Golden Eagle Global, Inc. (GEG Inc.) has delivered global supply chain and logistics solutions to clients in both the private and public sector. GEG Inc. specializes in exporting US and European made products and services to the MENA region with a focus on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG).

By tapping into a global network of suppliers and expertise,  GEG Inc. can deliver cost-effective procurement strategies across a wide variety of industries ranging from construction to agriculture.

Utilizing a team of local partners that can adapt quickly to the ever-evolving geopolitical situation, GEG Inc. can control cost and schedule under the most challenging conditions.

Our Core Competencies Include:

Import-Export Compliance Experts

Local Business Liaison

Regional Partners

Global Supplier Diversity

Government Contracting

GEG Inc. is registered as a small business with the US Federal Government. GEG Inc. has a proven track record of delivering a wide range of logistics and supply chain solutions to the US Military as well as regional governments in the Middle East. Whether it’s providing uniform procurement, heavy machinery or on-site life-saving training programs, GEG Inc. provides world class service on time and under budget.

As an agile company with a local footprint in the MENA region, GEG Inc. has a unique ability to respond swiftly to complex situations and ensure cargo safely arrives at its destination.

NAICS: 541614, 488510, 488991, 488999, 493110

DUNS: 626960269



Our Experts Offer:

Global logistics capabilities
In-depth knowledge of military, law enforcement and government needs
Emergency response training programs from vetted experts
Cost effective global supply network
Import-Export Regulatory Expertise
Business consultancy services for Kurdistan market
Warehousing, packing, haz-mat, import certifications, shipping, & unloading




We look forward to serving your procurement and logistics needs. Please reach out for further information on GEG Inc.’s service offerings.

5335 Wisconsin Ave, NW Suite 625
Washington, DC 20015



+1 202.478.9696



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