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Government Services

For over 15 years, Golden Eagle Global, Inc. (GEG Inc.) has delivered global supply chain and logistics solutions to clients in both the private and public sector. GEG Inc. specializes in exporting US made products and services to the MENA region with a focus on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG).

By tapping into a global network of suppliers and expertise,  GEG Inc. can deliver cost-saving programs across a wide variety of industries ranging from construction to fleet management.

Our demonstrated procurement strategies are designed to control cost and schedule even under the most challenging conditions.

Our Services Include:

Contracts Management

Import-Export And Regulatory Compliance

Knowledge of local laws,
markets and customs

Supplier Diversity

Government Services

GEG Inc. has a proven track record in delivering a wide range of support solutions for the Kurdistan government, military, and law enforcement agencies. Whether its providing US made uniforms or life-saving training programs for local firefighters, our goal is to assist the government in performing its daily operations at the highest standards.

Since its inception, GEG Inc. has played a crucial role in supporting the Kurdistan Regional Government through fleet procurement and maintenance programs, uniform and supplies procurement, and emergency response training and consulting services.

Our Experts Offer:

Worldwide logistics capability
In-depth knowledge of military, law enforcement and government needs
Emergency response training programs from vetted experts
Fully-functioning global supply network
Predictable methods to integrate complex services




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